Business's are just people, and our people are absolutely
amazing people.

Nathan Berger is the CTO of Digacore.
Nathan Berger

Chief Technology Officer

Abe Kramer is the Chief Executive Officer
Abe Kramer

Chief Executive Officer

Yaakov Tepper

Hardware Technician

Rafael Antonio

Onsite Service Desk Technician

Pat Spence


Krystal Bruno


Kelli Dow


Jeremy Coryell

Service Desk Technician

Josh Silver

Junior Field Technician

Joe Scocca

Project Technician

Jherome Taclan

Service Desk Technician

Jason Solomon

Service Desk Technician

David Bakst

Network & Support Agent

Anthony Galbreath

Service Desk Technician

Weston Pisano

Service Desk Technician

Robert Shield

Team Lead

Rob Wenger

Escalation Tech

Matthew Lamontagne

Office Manager

Aryeh Greenspan

Senior Team Lead

Travis Palmer

Project Coordinator

Leah Horowitz

Operations Manager


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