Are You Confident in Your Backups?

Digacore will make sure that you
never experience a critical loss of data. DigaCore is representing you with backup and disaster recovery solutions in NJ.

Dependable Backups Are Critical

A ransomware attack occurs every 11 seconds. Is your organization ready to fight back, if you are hit next?

Without a dependable backup, your company may be forced to pay millions of dollars in ransom to retrieve your data.

Shorter RPO and RTO

digacore Disaster

How often do you backup your system? Every week? Every 24 hours?

We can help you close the gap between your last backup and the time it takes to restore your data.

Are you sure your data is being backed up at all?

If you’re not, we can help.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

24/7 Monitored Cloud Backups

Store your data in the cloud and stay easy knowing it’s being monitored 24/7 by certified professionals.
Restore quickly and easily with just a few clicks—never suffer data loss again.

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