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Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Services NJ

In the era of relentless digital advancement, ensuring the integrity of your data is paramount. At DigaCore, we recognize the irreplaceable value of your business data

Positioned in the heart of New Jersey, we provide comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery services, crafted to safeguard your data against unforeseen circumstances. With us, you can operate with the certainty that your digital assets, whether legacy or emerging, remain protected and retrievable, always

Data is irreplaceable; losing it isn't an option

A momentary lapse can lead to data loss and irreparable damage. Your organization’s data isn’t just numbers and files—it’s years of hard work, customer trust, and future potential. At DigaCore, we understand the gravity of what’s at stake. Guard your legacy with backup copies and ensure your future with our top-notch disaster recovery and backup strategies

The Price of Lost Data

Imagine losing years of work in seconds. From financial repercussions to damage to reputation, the aftermath of data loss can haunt an enterprise for years

Preparedness is Key

It's not just about recovery; it's about readiness. Being prepared means staying ahead of potential threats, ensuring your data remains safe, sound, and accessible

Business Continuity

Your business shouldn’t skip a beat, even in the face of unforeseen challenges. Protecting your data ensures that business operations, customer service, and stakeholder confidence remain unshaken

Beyond Recovery - Resilience

It's not just about getting back on your feet and recovering lost data. It's about bouncing back stronger, wiser, and more robust than ever. With a solid backup and disaster recovery plan, resilience becomes a part of your organization’s DNA

Our expertise

Your data is the heartbeat of your business. Protect it at all costs

In a digitally-driven world, data loss is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Unexpected outages, drive failures, cyber-attacks, or even human errors can cripple an organization’s operations and reputation in the blink of an eye. With DigaCore’s unparalleled data backup and disaster recovery services in NJ, you’re investing in the resilience and longevity of your business

Comprehensive Data Backup11

Comprehensive Data Backup

Your invaluable data, always secure. We offer multi-layered backup solutions, storing your information both on-premises and in the cloud-based storage, ensuring business continuity planning and swift access when needed

Disaster Recovery Planning11

Disaster Recovery Planning

Tailored strategies for unforeseen disruptions. We develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan specific to your organization's needs, ensuring rapid restoration of your systems and data post-disruptions

Continuous Monitoring11

Continuous Monitoring

Your data recovery experts, round the clock. We employ state-of-the-art tools and methodologies to monitor backups, ensuring data integrity and immediate rectification of any data corruption

Cloud Backup Solutions11

Cloud Backup Solutions

Harness the power of cloud resilience. By integrating cloud backup, we provide an extra layer of security, ensuring your data is accessible and recoverable even in the most challenging circumstances

On-Premises Data Recovery11

On-Premises Data Recovery

Local backups for quick access. Our on-premises data recovery solutions offer a first line of defense, ensuring fast restoration of data without the need for internet access

Testing & Validation11

Testing & Validation

Trust but verify. Regularly scheduled testing of backups and disaster recovery procedures ensures that your data recovery mechanisms are always primed and ready for action

247 Support11

24/7 Support

Data emergencies know no time. Our dedicated team is on standby, ready to assist and guide you through any data recovery process, ensuring minimal downtime and business continuity

Your digital shield

Every byte matters, and we ensure none is ever lost

Every byte of data tells a story—of milestones achieved, challenges overcome, and goals set for the future. We understand the weight of this narrative. At DigaCore, our mission goes above mere data recovery specialists’ roles. We are the custodians of your digital chronicles, ensuring your legacy remains untarnished and ever-evolving, even in the face of adversities. Safeguard your data and fortify your future in the digital realm

Who we serve

Unwavering data protection tailored for every industry

At DigaCore, we recognize the pivotal role data plays across sectors. From safeguarding the sensitive financial transactions of an institution to ensuring the accessibility of critical healthcare records, we craft our backup and recovery solutions around the unique challenges faced by each industry. Our in-depth understanding and strategic methodologies mean your data isn’t just backed up – it’s fortified

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Navigating the ever-changing realm of healthcare can be challenging, with patient data requiring both accessibility and the utmost security. Our data recovery services ensure that medical records are not only stored with paramount security but are also easily retrievable, ensuring uninterrupted patient care

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The financial institutions is governed by intricate regulations and is marked by a constant flow of sensitive transactions. We provide comprehensive backup solutions tailored for financial institutions, ensuring data integrity and rapid recovery capabilities. With us, financial professionals can operate with the confidence that their data is both safe and easily restorable.

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In the dynamic landscape of small to medium-sized businesses, data can be both an asset and a vulnerability. We empower SMBs with tailored backup and recovery solutions, ensuring minimal downtime and data loss. Our services ensure these businesses can thrive, scale, and compete, knowing their

Our service areas

From our doorstep to yours

DigaCore’s primary hub is nestled in the heart of Lakewood, positioning us perfectly to serve businesses throughout New Jersey. Our strategic location ensures that we’re always within reach, offering top-tier IT solutions to the following key areas


Jersey City


Toms River







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Great response time and wonderful techs

Our frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What exactly is Backup and Recovery?

Backup and Recovery, or BDR, is a service that creates copies of data to protect against unexpected data loss. If data gets lost or corrupted, the recovery process restores this data from backup copies

How often should my data be backed up?

The frequency of backups depends on your business needs and the nature of your data. However, we generally recommend daily backups for critical data. Periodic reviews can help determine if the frequency needs adjustment

Where will my data be stored with DigaCore's service?

DigaCore stores your data in secure, state-of-the-art data centers that come with robust redundancy measures. Depending on your preferences, we can also provide hybrid solutions combining both cloud and on-premises backups

How quickly can my data be restored if there's a loss?

While the time to restore data varies based on its volume and the nature of the loss, DigaCore prioritizes getting your critical systems back online swiftly

Is my backup data encrypted?

Yes, ensuring the privacy and security of your data is our top priority. All backed-up data is encrypted during transfer and at rest in our storage solutions

What kind of disasters does DigaCore's Backup and Recovery protect against?

Our service protects against various disasters including hardware failures, software corruption, malicious cyber-attacks, accidental data deletions, and natural disasters like fires or floods

Does DigaCore offer a solution for backing up mobile devices and remote workers?

Yes, our BDR solutions extend to mobile devices and remote workstations, ensuring comprehensive protection for your distributed workforce

Can I perform a test recovery with DigaCore to ensure my backups are accurate?

Absolutely. We encourage periodic test recoveries to ensure the integrity of your backups and familiarize your team with the restoration process

Are there any types of data that DigaCore can't back up?

Our solution is tailored to be all-encompassing. However, specific proprietary systems or software may have unique requirements. We recommend discussing any particular needs directly with the DigaCore team

How do I get started with DigaCore’s Backup and Recovery services?

Getting started with DigaCore is easy. Just reach out to us through our contact page or give us a call. Our team will guide you through the initial assessment and setup process

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