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Managed IT services for financial industry

At DigaCore, we believe your financial institution deserves nothing but the best. Offering unparalleled, round-the-clock IT support in New Jersey, we stand as the trusted guardian of your tech infrastructure. Our financial services solutions ensure that whether day or night, rain or shine, your operations run seamlessly and securely. Experience the peace of mind that comes with having a dedicated partner watching over your digital assets

Be confident that your tech systems are secure and your network environment is productive

Technology glitches in financial IT services can result in financial losses, data breaches, customer dissatisfaction, and missed opportunities. Financial firms, particularly those in the banking systems, must address the following areas to avoid these challenges

Data Security

Protecting sensitive financial and client data from breaches or cyber threats, especially with the rise of digital transformation, and navigating complex regulatory requirements

System Downtime

Minimizing disruptions to financial operations caused by IT failures or downtime

Software Integrations

Integrating different financial applications and ensuring seamless data exchange between them, especially in a cloud-based environment


Ensuring your technology can handle increased data, user load, and future expansion

Disaster Recovery

Establishing data backup and recovery plans when something unforeseen occurs, especially in today's cloud computing age

What we do

Secure your sensitive data with our specialized IT support for financial services

We manage and protect your entire IT network, leveraging our technical expertise, right down to your computer mouse and keyboard

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

We maintain FCA and SOC2 compliance while simultaneously securing your data in the evolving services industry of the United States

Monitoring & Maintenance

Monitoring & Maintenance

We manage all servers, networks and hardware, reducing your downtime for online high availability services

Network & WiFi

Network & WiFi

We provide fast and stable internet, while implementing strong security measures, firewalls and encryption protocols

Software Solutions

Software Solutions

We deploy and support software tailored to the needs of your financial institution, from commercial to investment banking

Cloud Consulting & Support

Cloud Consulting & Support

Our cloud solutions enhance your technology's speed and protect against data breaches and natural disasters

Data Backup and Recovery 4

Data Backup and Recovery

We implement reliable data backup systems and disaster recovery plans, safeguarding your financial and client data

247 IT Support

24/7 IT Support

We're always on call to provide IT support for your finance company, preventing down time and technology failures

Our mission

We provide one-stop-shop financial services IT solutions

Digacore focuses on preempting technology challenges while laying the groundwork for future scalability. Our IT experts in New Jersey create an infrastructure that works for your financial services firm. Leveraging our managed IT services, we provide proactive care to maintain and enhance this infrastructure, ensuring operational efficiency

Your benefits

Elevate your remote work capabilities to new horizons

DigaCore’s remote IT solutions aren’t just about technology; they’re about transforming how you operate, connect, and thrive in a digital-first world

Who we serve

Empowering remote work across industries

Different industries face unique challenges when shifting to remote work. DigaCore offers tailored solutions to ensure optimal functionality, no matter the location

businessman writing technology

CPA and Brokerage Firms

With information technology advances, we equip CPA and Brokerage firms to align with the fastest growing demands in the financial sector

Businessman using family care insurance application 3D rendering

Mortgage Brokers

Harnessing cloud services and data analytics, we transform how mortgage brokers access and process data, providing a competitive edge in real-time market research

financial IT logo 4

Private Lenders

Our solutions drive operational efficiency in private lending, ensuring that these firms can swiftly respond to the dynamics of the global IT services market


Insurance Companies

With the rise of artificial intelligence, we're enhancing decision-making and risk assessment processes for insurance companies, fostering growth rate improvements

Finance IT support 4

Hedge Funds

In a rapidly evolving market, hedge funds require advanced analytics and forecast period insights. We ensure they're ahead of the curve with our tailored IT services

SMB for business

Capital Management

Focused on large enterprise solutions, we boost capital management operations with reliable tech integrations and professional services

Our service areas

From our doorstep to yours

DigaCore’s primary hub is nestled in the heart of Lakewood, positioning us perfectly to serve businesses throughout New Jersey. Our strategic location ensures that we’re always within reach, offering top-tier IT Solutions for financial services to the following key areas


Jersey City


Toms River







What they say

Their company has assisted us in making our workplace more efficient

Our frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What makes IT services for financial companies unique?

Financial companies deal with sensitive financial and client data, necessitating stringent data security, regulatory compliance, and robust disaster recovery plans to ensure smooth operations

How does DigaCore ensure data security for financial institutions?

DigaCore employs advanced security measures, firewalls, encryption protocols, and specialized software to protect sensitive financial and client data from breaches or cyber threats

What measures does DigaCore take to minimize system downtime?

Through continuous monitoring & maintenance of servers, networks, and hardware, DigaCore reduces potential downtimes, ensuring high availability of online services

How does DigaCore assist with software integrations in the financial sector?

DigaCore deploys and supports finance-specific software applications tailored to individual financial companies' needs, ensuring seamless integration and data exchange

In the case of unforeseen events, how does DigaCore protect financial data?

DigaCore has comprehensive data backup and recovery plans, ensuring that financial and client data is safeguarded and recoverable in the event of disasters

How does DigaCore ensure regulatory compliance for financial companies?

DigaCore maintains compliance with FCA, SOC2, and other relevant financial regulations, ensuring that data is both secure and compliant with industry standards

What benefits can a financial company expect from DigaCore's IT services?

Financial companies can expect enhanced regulatory compliance, robust data protection, increased uptime, and decreased operational costs

What types of financial companies does DigaCore cater to?

DigaCore serves a wide range of financial entities, including CPA and Brokerage Firms, Mortgage Brokers, Private Lenders, Insurance Companies, Hedge Funds, and Capital Management institutions

How does DigaCore's cloud consulting benefit financial institutions?

DigaCore's cloud solutions enhance technology speed, offer scalability, and protect financial institutions from data breaches and natural disasters

Why is 24/7 IT support crucial for financial companies?

Given the high stakes in the financial industry, 24/7 IT support ensures immediate response to any tech issues, minimizing potential financial losses, customer dissatisfaction, and operational disruptions

What kind of experience does DigaCore have with finance-specific software and equipment?

DigaCore has extensive experience deploying a wide range of finance-specific software and equipment, understanding the unique needs of different types of companies in the finance industry

How does DigaCore help in enhancing the efficiency of financial workplaces?

By providing tailored IT solutions, consistent support, and understanding the intricacies of the financial sector, DigaCore ensures technology enhances work efficiency rather than hindering it

If I want to engage with DigaCore for my financial institution's IT needs, how should I proceed?

You can reach out to DigaCore through the "Request a Consultation" option on their website or by filling out the provided contact form

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