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No in-house tech team required

Managed IT services for small businesses

Whether you’re a business owner in New Jersey managing legal, financial, or wholesale operations, we’re here to handle all your technology. This way, you can manage your business more effectively and efficiently. With our specialized IT services for SMBs, you gain the peace of mind that comes from having a dedicated tech support team without the monthly cost of maintaining an in-house IT department

IT Support is critical to your SMB

Day to day, when your technology doesn’t work, you not only risk data breaches but decreased productivity, frustrated customers, and lost revenue. With our IT support designed especially for SMBs, you can leave the technology worries behind and focus on your core business. You also benefit from asset management, and our team of skilled project managers ensures smooth business operations

Cyber Threats

Guard against vulnerability to cyber threats, data breaches, and make sure there's adequate protection for sensitive business and customer data. Our cybersecurity services are top-notch


Actively and proactively manage to prevent technology downtime and operational disruptions due to inefficient IT infrastructure. We make use of network monitoring tools to ensure this

Business Software Integration

We ensure smooth data exchange between different business applications, optimizing business technology operations

Business Growth

Plan for and establish a robust technology infrastructure for business growth. With our cloud services, scaling becomes easier

Disaster Recovery & Backup

Create a robust backup protocol with our data backup and recovery solutions to protect your data from various threats

IT Services for SMB

Maximize your bandwidth with outsourced, small business IT support in NJ

In New Jersey and beyond, small business owners trust DigaCore. Take advantage of our tiered levels of technical support, and enjoy Managed it services for small business without the fixed monthly burden of a full-time in-house team

Cyber Security


Our services include application, network & information technology security, ensuring uncompromised network security for your business. We also focus on disaster recovery planning

Monitoring & Maintenance

Monitoring & Maintenance

We not only reduce your downtime but with our proactive monitoring approach, we ensure that potential issues are caught before they become problems

Demonstrations and Trials

Virtual CIO/CTO

We provide professional services like remote management of all your technology systems and guide you for future technology implementation, ensuring your business continuity

247 IT Support

24/7 Customer Support

Day or night, in New Jersey or anywhere else, we give you a point of contact to troubleshoot and resolve your technology issues

Addressing your IT challenges

No more technology woes

From the cable entering your building to your cloud-based software, our team provides comprehensive end-to-end IT solutions tailored to your specific business needs. Our services include everything an SMB might need

Who we serve

Keep pace with evolving healthcare technology

We strategize and deploy solutions tailored to the present and future needs of your specific medical facility, ensuring digital transformation and streamlined application management for healthcare facilities in New Jersey

Businessman using digital shopping icons


Support services tailored for online storefronts, ensuring seamless transactions and robust security. With our MSPs offer, you get specialized IT solutions

attractive business-woman


Cost-effective technology solutions suitable for brick-and-mortar stores, helping services for small retail businesses remain competitive

financial IT logo 5

Accounting Firms

Offering services that ensure sensitive financial data is handled securely. Our support services are top-tier, ensuring client confidentiality


Insurance Companies

We provide tailored IT solutions, focusing on data accuracy and security. Insurance companies benefit from managed IT strategies that minimize risk



Helping educational institutions harness the power of technology for enhanced learning. Schools can benefit from managed IT services, making learning more accessible

Lawyer businessman using digital technology

Law firms

Service companies, especially law firms, can trust our top-tier security measures ensuring all legal documents are safely stored and accessible

Our service areas

From our doorstep to yours

DigaCore’s primary hub is nestled in the heart of Lakewood, positioning us perfectly to serve businesses throughout New Jersey. Our strategic location ensures that we’re always within reach, offering top-tier IT solutions to the following key areas


Jersey City


Toms River







What they say

Not only do they know their trade, they are pleasant

Our frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why are Managed IT Services essential for SMBs?

Managed IT Services are crucial for SMBs to ensure consistent operation, reduced downtimes, efficient technology integration, and security against cyber threats, all while saving costs compared to maintaining an in-house IT team

What kind of businesses can benefit from your Managed IT Services?

SMBs from various sectors can benefit, including eCommerce platforms, retail businesses, accounting firms, insurance companies, schools, and law firms. We tailor our services to the unique needs of each business

How does DigaCore address disaster recovery and backup?

We create robust backup protocols designed to protect your data from natural disasters, system failures, or cyber-attacks. Our strategies ensure quick recovery of your data and minimize operational disruptions

What is the Virtual CIO/CTO service mentioned on your page?

Our Virtual CIO/CTO service provides businesses with remote management of all technology systems, offering strategic guidance on technology implementation, ensuring alignment with business objectives without the need to hire a full-time executive

How does DigaCore handle cybersecurity within Managed IT Services?

Our cybersecurity approach includes application, network, and information security. We also focus on disaster recovery planning and actively monitor for any threats, ensuring your business's digital infrastructure is always protected

How do you ensure minimal downtime for businesses?

Through continuous Monitoring & Maintenance, we can preemptively identify and address potential technical issues, ensuring reduced downtime and smooth business operations

Can DigaCore assist with the integration of business software?

Yes, we facilitate data exchange between different business applications, ensuring seamless operations and efficient data management

How does DigaCore plan for business growth concerning IT infrastructure?

We evaluate your current infrastructure, anticipate future business needs, and then strategize and implement technology solutions that cater to your growth requirements

What are the advantages of choosing DigaCore's Managed IT Services?

Choosing DigaCore offers several benefits, such as gaining access to IT experts round-the-clock, ensuring consistent system performance, quick response times, experienced technicians, and strategic IT planning tailored to your business needs

Are there different levels of technical support available?

Yes, we offer tiered levels of technical support to cater to varying needs. Our teams can provide specific details based on your business requirements

How can I ensure the security of my data while using Managed IT Services?

With DigaCore, your data's security is our priority. Our cybersecurity measures, combined with disaster recovery & backup protocols, ensure your business and customer data is always protected

How do I initiate a consultation with DigaCore?

You can request a consultation through the "Request a Consultation" link on our service page or by filling out the contact form

Do you offer customized solutions for different business sectors?

Yes, we strategize solutions based on the unique needs of each SMB, drawing from our extensive experience and knowledge across various sectors

How do I know if my SMB is a fit for DigaCore's Managed IT Services?

If you're looking to enhance your IT infrastructure, increase efficiency, protect against threats, and grow without the hassles of managing tech in-house, DigaCore's services are ideal for you. Reach out for an assessment, and we'll help identify the best solutions for your needs

Be secure, connected and future proof

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