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Elevate patient care

Managed IT services for healthcare

Modern healthcare relies heavily on advanced and dependable technology. Serving New Jersey's medical community, we offer managed it services that ensure your systems stand at the forefront of innovation, security, and reliability. Embrace a digital transformation that elevates patient outcomes and provides the peace of mind that comes with a dedicated tech partner. With us, your healthcare facility's technology is in expert hands, day and night

Because your technology must function every hour of every day

Any system downtime can disrupt patient care, cause delays, and impact productivity. Therefore, medical organizations in New Jersey and beyond must have strong IT Infrastructure to prevent these issues, ensuring seamless healthcare application management

Cyber Security

Protecting sensitive patient information from cyberattacks and ensuring regulatory compliance, as well as offering peace of mind through robust data security measures


Integrating different systems and ensuring seamless data exchange between electronic health records (EHR), medical devices, and other healthcare IT solutions, achieving real-time information flow

Rapid Growth

Ensuring that your technology can handle increased data and users as your health facility expands, meeting the long term goals of healthcare organizations in New Jersey

Budget Conscious

Balancing the need for quality IT services for healthcare with cost savings and reduced operating costs to ensure a cost-effective approach

What we do

Ensure continuous patient care with our IT solutions for healthcare

Leverage our expertise in new healthcare applications to support and efficiently manage your healthcare facility. We provide management services and digital solutions that cater specifically to healthcare organizations and medical practices in New Jersey

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Our managed IT services for healthcare protect patient data, meet all healthcare regulations, including HIPAA and other regulatory agencies, and promote remote patient monitoring to achieve better patient outcomes

Monitoring & Maintenance

Monitoring & Maintenance

We manage all servers, networks, and hardware, reducing your downtime for online high-availability services and ensuring revenue cycle management remains uninterrupted



EMAR Vault solution Our proprietary improves the way your PCC backups are stored, ensuring constant access to patient records, aligning with the digital transformation needs of modern medical practices

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

We actively monitor, detect, and respond to threats by analyzing and investigating any issues - and then mitigating them, to safeguard your healthcare IT managed environment

Inventory Tracking

Inventory Tracking

We monitor and manage the inventory of your hardware and software solutions, keeping a record of all IT equipment, devices, software licenses, and related resources

247 Help Desk

24/7 Help Desk

We provide lightning-fast IT support in real-time, diagnosing and solving urgent issues to minimize downtime and ensure continuous patient care in healthcare organizations

Your IT. Our responsibility

DigaCore addresses your technology needs, ensuring peak efficiency

Every hour and minute of the day for every employee, client, patient, and lead. With our medical IT services in NJ, we’re dedicated to offering peace of mind for healthcare professionals and improving patient care

Your benefits

Build your network from scratch or upgrade what you already have

Say hello to a tech clutter-free zone in New Jersey, and say goodbye to medical pros playing IT detectives. We ensure health information technology seamlessly integrates into your operations


Maintain regulatory compliance

Adherence to standards is paramount. We offer healthcare application management services that ensure you're always compliant

Cybersecurity 5

Confidently secure your data

Our top-tier information technology solutions protect sensitive information, ensuring peace of mind for both staff and patients


Stay connected with increased uptime

Ensure continuous connectivity with our managed IT services, designed for the dynamic needs of the healthcare industry


Optimize your operating costs

Our solutions don't just aim for cost-effectiveness; they optimize every aspect of your IT expenditure, providing real value

Who we serve

Keep pace with evolving healthcare technology

We strategize and deploy solutions tailored to the present and future needs of your specific medical facility, ensuring digital transformation and streamlined application management for healthcare facilities in New Jersey

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Our managed IT services specialize in supporting large healthcare establishments, ensuring a seamless healthcare application management system vital for complex environments like hospitals

Tablet, doctor hands and person for healthcare information, results and online research or clinic management software. Typing, search and medical worker with digital technology for health services

Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs)

We provide information technology tailored for SNFs, ensuring patient records and essential services run uninterruptedly

Medicine doctor hand working with modern computer interface

Outpatient/Inpatient Centers

Outpatient and inpatient centers benefit from our healthcare IT managed solutions, streamlining patient care and administrative tasks


Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs)

Our services in ALFs focus on health care tailored solutions, ensuring residents receive the best care through updated technology


Medical Clinics

Medical clinics can significantly benefit from our specialized managed IT services, bridging the gap between technology and improved patient outcomes

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Addictive Treatment Facilities

Addictive treatment facilities require unique IT solutions. We offer specialized services to ensure smooth operations and effective patient care

Our service areas

From our doorstep to yours

DigaCore’s primary hub is nestled in the heart of Lakewood, positioning us perfectly to serve businesses throughout New Jersey. Our strategic location ensures that we’re always within reach, offering top-tier IT solutions to the following key areas





What they say

On average, the tickets I submit are resolved within an hour

Our frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why is managed IT essential for healthcare facilities?

Managed IT ensures that medical facilities maintain an efficient, secure, and compliant technological infrastructure, directly contributing to enhanced patient care and smoother operations

How does DigaCore address cybersecurity concerns in healthcare?

DigaCore employs a proactive approach by actively monitoring, detecting, and responding to potential threats, ensuring that sensitive patient information remains protected from cyberattacks

What does "Interoperability" mean in the context of healthcare IT?

Interoperability ensures that different healthcare IT systems, such as EHRs and medical devices, can communicate seamlessly with one another for efficient data exchange

What is EMAR VAULT and how does it benefit healthcare facilities?

EMAR Vault is DigaCore's proprietary solution that optimizes how patient record backups are stored, ensuring uninterrupted access even during unexpected system downtimes

How does DigaCore support healthcare facilities experiencing rapid growth?

DigaCore's IT services are scalable, ensuring that as a healthcare facility expands, its technology infrastructure can efficiently handle the increased data and users

How do DigaCore's IT services help healthcare facilities stay budget-conscious?

DigaCore provides tailored IT solutions that align with a facility's budget, ensuring optimal value by balancing cost with essential IT services

Can DigaCore assist with regulatory compliance in healthcare IT?

Yes, DigaCore ensures that healthcare IT infrastructures comply with relevant regulations, including HIPAA, by protecting patient data and adhering to industry standards

How can healthcare facilities track their IT inventory effectively?

DigaCore offers a comprehensive inventory tracking service, keeping records of all IT equipment, software licenses, and other resources to ensure everything is accounted for and utilized effectively.

In case of an urgent IT issue, how quickly does DigaCore respond?

With a 24/7 Help Desk, DigaCore prioritizes rapid diagnosis and resolution, often addressing issues within the shortest time possible to minimize operational downtime

What types of healthcare facilities does DigaCore specialize in serving?

DigaCore caters to a diverse range of facilities, including hospitals, nursing facilities, outpatient centers, assisted living establishments, clinics, and addiction treatment centers

Why is maintaining regulatory compliance in healthcare IT crucial?

Ensuring IT compliance safeguards patient data, avoids potential legal ramifications, and builds trust among patients and partners regarding data safety and privacy

How does DigaCore's service optimize operational costs for healthcare facilities?

Through efficient management of IT resources, proactive cybersecurity measures, and reduced downtimes, DigaCore helps healthcare facilities maximize their IT ROI and optimize expenses

How can healthcare professionals benefit from DigaCore's IT services?

DigaCore's services eliminate the need for medical professionals to deal with IT challenges, allowing them to focus on patient care, and ensuring a smooth and efficient tech environment in the background

How do I engage with DigaCore for my healthcare facility's IT needs?

You can reach out to DigaCore through the "Request a Consultation" option on the website or by using the provided contact form

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